O Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês foi eleito o quarto Melhor da Europa. O jornal britânico "The Guardian" elegeu-o como uma das melhores paisagens.

"Wild Garrano ponies trot about freely in this national park in northern Portugal, and you can even arrange to hop on the back of a domesticated one for a tour through its oak forests and sierras. As well as being an area of natural beauty it has compelling remains of human occupation: a Roman road winds through the park, marked with 2,000-year-old milestones. Serra do Gerês is the park’s most popular settlement, where you’ll find pools to swim in. It’s also worth noting the date of your visit: every Friday 13th, the village of Montalegre, just beyond the park’s eastern border, enjoys the Noite das Bruxas, a street party fuelled by queimada, a local liqueur drunk with honey."

th guardian